We value diversity, inclusion, and equal access to life-changing opportunities. We work every day to exhibit fairness, helpfulness, transparency, and leadership and build our teams around these values.

Equity Shift is building the future of private equity by making it easier for companies to unlock secondary liquidity for their stakeholders. We’re led by a founding team with 100+ years of experience in software development, consulting, financial services, securities transactions, and private business operations. 

If you think a career at Equity Shift could be in your future, please email in response to one of the open positions below. Be sure to include a copy of your resume (.pdf) and a note about why you’re compelled to join our team.

We look forward to meeting you!

* Don’t see a position with your name on it? Don’t worry! We hire continuously on an as-needed basis, so chances are the perfect opportunity is coming soon. If you’re feeling lucky in the meantime… please feel free to email

Equity Shift is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing a positive experience for every candidate.