Our Mission

Bringing private equity into the 21st Century.

We founded Equity Shift to bring digital automation to people just like us – the operators of private entities. Automation has been around for decades (think: ADP®, Salesforce.com®) but most private companies still manually manage their capitalization, securities, and investor relationships.

We understand that private entities are responsible for their own compliance, so we provide capabilities that maximize the value of their securities while also protecting the company and its investors. We believe that helping more private companies participate in capital markets will strengthen the ecosystem and catalyze exponential growth.

Our Values

A democratized approach to capital markets.

We value equality, inclusion, transparency, and consistency. Companies often lack the resources to allow investors to sell restricted securities, and often smaller owners (like angels and employees) suffer negative outcomes because they’re “along for the ride”.

As companies stay private longer and investors are increasingly presented with new opportunities for growth, a strong need has developed for these companies to allow their investors to rebalance (sell part of or all of) their holdings effectively and efficiently. We built Equity Shift to dramatically improve that process so that more companies can confidently participate in securities transactions.

Equity Shift is a carbon-neutral company and we support local and national charities which align with our values. We believe that diversity makes us stronger, meritocracy creates opportunity, accountability builds trust, and character defines outcomes.

Our Company

Connectors of a distributed ecosystem.

We’re experienced operators with a goal to improve the lives of participants in the private equity ecosystem. We bring together 100+ years of experience with fundraising, corporate transactions, technology development, securities law, and company operations from launch to IPO and beyond.

Equity Shift is licensed broker-dealer regulated by FINRA, and operates an Alternative Trading System (ATS) regulated by the SEC. Unlike other “private marketplace” services, our platform is managed by issuers and has no listing requirements.

Our patented use of immutable ledger (a.k.a. blockchain) technology not only improves the fidelity of corporate data, but it also provides a standard of interoperability between private issuers and the ecosystem at-large. The encryption and immutable storage of transactional records improves upon the use of legacy databases.

Our Partners

An integrated ecosystem is a healthy ecosystem.

When the needs of our customers go beyond our core capabilities, we partner with leading service providers to in the areas of valuation, banking, securities law, and FINRA brokerage.

If you would like to become a partner please Contact Us.